SmartUp Accelerator is…

...a collaboration project between seven countries around the Baltic Sea with the focus on building consumer cleantech ecosystems, activating its innovation actors and improving their skills to identify brilliant ideas and foster teams committed to creating new businesses. These startups and SMEs are aiming to reduce the environmental burden of consumption.

About our events

SmartUp Accelerator’s goal is to activate the BSR innovation ecosystem with a series of events around the themes of consumer cleantech and smart innovations. Among other, we will organise national and international networking and training events, launch national competitions and bring local actors together for matchmaking and networking activities. Learn more about our Events.

More events

Upcoming events

SmartUp Accelerator Bootcamp in Riga
10 September – 11 September

SmartUp Accelerator Bootcamp in Riga

Bootcamp in Riga, Latvia, to kick off the acceleration program with 7 smart mobility teams chosen from the 7 countries in the Baltic Sea Region.

Latvia Startup Day
12 September

Latvia Startup Day

On 12th of September, SmartUp Accelerator will join the Startup Day in Riga with our batch of smart mobility startups from all over the Baltic Sea Region. "Latvia is the first country in the world to support startups and acknowledge…