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Meet the teams of the 3rd batch of SmartUp Accelerator

SmartUp Accelerator brings together innovation actors in the consumer cleantech field around the Baltic Sea to make the region a forerunner in sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship. In order to reach the goal, we organise a yearly, international accelerator program for startups and SME’s in the field. Previously, we’ve covered topics such as smart homes and smart mobility. This year, we are supporting solutions related to smart consumption and increased consumer awareness.

Now, we are happy to announce that the startups for the third round of SmartUp Accelerator have been chosen!  We received outstanding applications from all over the Baltic Sea region, whereof waste management solutions and sharing services for clothing are but a few examples. After scoring and reviewing all applications, we selected one startup each from Finland, Sweden, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Germany and Poland. In early March, each smartup will meet their local host organisation and the acceleration process will be initated shortly thereafter.

Get to know the amazing teams:

The Latvian company Eco-Buddy has developed an educational board game to support sustainable lifestyles and behaviour. With the game, the team changes the mind-set of consumers. This will increase the number of ‘sustainable thinkers’ and help us tackle challenges brought by waste, linear business solutions and overconsumption. The Eco-Buddy board game is available in two designs for different age groups (10-15 and 15+). It can be used in casual settings as well as in schools or organizations, opening up to learning and discussions among kids and adults or teachers and employees.

Planet Heroes from Poland is the first crowdfunding platform focused on environmental initiatives and global promotion of them. The platform uses finance technology to enable peer-to-peer money transfers in the form of donations. The aim is to create a community of people organizing clean-up activities, to support each other in the process and to encourage more people to clean-up our planet from litter and waste.

Suckõrs is an Estonian company that provides a more sustainable alternative to single-use plastics. Suckõrs produces straws made of common reed and are also developing reed-based materials for creating new products. Reed is processed into the straws without any use of additives, using only simple and energy efficient methods. The straws are fully biodegradable, reusable and dish washable.

Kamupak offers a digital deposit service for reusable packaging. The Finnish company supports the full loop of packages, making it a circular solution. Kamupak is currently focused on supporting needs for take away packaging, but their services can be used in other contexts as well.

NyamCup is a Russian company producing edible cups for various drinks. The edible cups can contain any hot drink with a temperature of up to 100 degrees for up to 2 hours. Once the beverage has been consumed, you’re left with a delicious and nutritious dessert cup. No more need for single-use cups that are harmful to the environment!

Swedish company Habits helps people and companies reduce their climate impact through a service and web-app tool. The goal is to engage people by suggesting new, more sustainable behaviours based on current actions and measuring the effect in terms of reduced CO2 emissions. The design and user experience is key to successfully creating new habits, which is why Habits complements knowledge with gamification.

German company INNER ELMT uses the wisdom of Far Eastern medicine and combines the valuable ingredients of the vital mushrooms into a delicious taste experience in the form of a drink powder. With 100% natural ingredients, high quality and valuable ingredients, their products are for all who strive for a healthy lifestyle and are curious about something new.

The SmartUp Accelerator journey with the startups will kick off after summer. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn!

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