Discussing green technologies in St. Petersburg


The representatives of various organizations, involved in promoting sustainable solutions and their appliance in city environment, gathered in Golitsyn Loft on the evening of 13th February. “Green Drinks” is an informal discussion event, organized by European University at St Petersburg. “Green innovations”, city of the future and a key role of business in fostering green technologies – that were the main topics for the discussion.

Iya Gordeyeva, CEO of EV-Time, was invited to the event as a special guest. Using EV-Time as a brand name, “AEG” LLC is a leading Russian supplier of charging equipment for cars, trucks and e-buses, with their power ranging from 3.7 kW to 350 kW. Their area of expertise includes designing, manufacturing, installing, commissioning, connecting and technical support of certified equipment.

Iya Gordeyeva is the President of the Association for Development of Electric, Unmanned and Connected Transport and Infrastructure (AETI). At the meeting, she talked about the major trends in the industry of green technologies and innovations, sustainable development and the need to expand public charging stations’ network in order to ensure the mass introduction of electric vehicles in Russia.

The issue of “smart transport” is quite popular nowadays, as the number of electric vehicles grows at ever-increasing pace for a second year in a row (in 2018, it increased by 64%, reaching the level of 5.6 mln.). This data reflects positive tendencies, existing in the field of environmental security, since electric vehicles turned out to be 40% cleaner than ICE vehicles (according to the research, conducted by Bloomberg).

Maxim Balanev – leader of the Russian members for the SmartUp Accelerator consortium, executive director of St. Petersburg Foundation for SME Development was the second speaker of the event.  Maxim Balanev presented the SmartUp Accelerator project, and attracted the attention of the participants to the instruments and opportunities, which are available for the companies, operating in the sphere of consumer cleantech. All the participants were invited to participate in the SmartUp Challenge competition.

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Text: Tatiana Malevannaia, St. Petersburg Foundation for SME Development