Training Event

From Foresight to Business – training event in Estonia

November 21st, the SmartUp Accelerator foresight training event tour landed in the Startup Incubator in Tallinn. The training held by Demos Helsinki gathered together an enthusiastic group of Estonian organisations operating in the fields of cleantech and startup support. Below, the project manager Heleri Holm from Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol, reflects on the learnings of the training in Estonia.

What did you think was interesting in the training from your local perspective?

“From the local perspective, the training raised awareness about the consumer cleantech and showed where the new business opportunities lie. It also gave an overview of the Smartup Accelerator innovation model and how the intermediaries can benefit from it. Bringing the community together will, among other things, help to strengthen their cooperation and learn from each other. The training exposed clearly how different ideas and thoughts create new and bigger value.

What was your main learning? What do you think was useful for participants?

“Intermediaries got an insight of the foresight methods to identify trends and tensions and opportunity to use the horizon scanning method. Group work allowed to get new insights, exchange ideas and co-create the systematized way of thinking about the future. It was a great chance to gain new knowledge in the areas where we are not working on a daily basis or about the trends which are in conflict. It broadened the understanding how different fields are connected and how they affect each other. On the practical side the participants got a new tool what they can use when organizing different workshops.

What are you planning to do now, moving forward after the training?

“We will continue to engage and cooperate with different stakeholders and companies who are working in the consumer cleantech sector or who would like to contribute to the field.”