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Halfway through the first acceleration phase


More than half of the acceleration phase has passed for our seven smartups who are working towards entering new markets around the Baltic Sea Region in the first round of SmartUp Accelerator. Halfway through the process, we arranged an online session for the smartups to share experiences and ask questions from the partners and the other smartups.

So far, the smartups have achieved to conduct market analysis, find potential partners in the target market and even start pilots with the partners. Struggles so far have been about regulation, language barriers and finding the right people to contact. Some pivoting has also been done regarding the chosen target markets.

As all of the participating companies have already made the journey of launching their business on their home markets, there is a lot to learn from one another. We think this is a great opportunity for the smartups to get insider information from each country and from those that have already been through the process! As this is the first round of the SmartUp Accelerator, us partners also take every opportunity to learn from the procedure.

If you are not yet familiar with our smartups, take a look at the video below from the SmartUp Accelerator bootcamp in Gothenburg last November!