What do we mean by Consumer Cleantech?

Cleantech is traditionally based in industrial solutions and innovations in process industry sector. Now cleantech startups emerge in consumer markets. The growth logic is changing, as companies face challenges and opportunities presented by resource scarcity, rising energy and fuel costs, digitalisation, automatization and user-centered design.

Consumer cleantech reduces dependency on natural resources. Consumer cleantech companies do more with less. They create new resources (“proliferation”) via smarter use or re-allocation of available resources.


Who are SmartUps?

Smartups are startup companies operating in the field of consumer cleantech. Smartups make business out of smarter resource use, often by using digital services. The products and services developed by smartups aim to free their users from inefficient use of resources by providing smarter ways of living, moving about, eating and consumption of energy, thus reforming the very core of our everyday life.

The smartup value proposition is to make everyday life easier and cheaper. In order to deliver this, they utilise real-time digital communication to optimise the use of a physical resource. In this way smartups facilitate a shift away from resource-heavy consumption patterns and towards a sustainable lifestyle