The project consortium has aimed to improve the prerequisites for consumer cleantech by increasing the skills, visibility and connectivity of people within the sector. Yearly consumer cleantech competitions for startups and SMEs (i.e. smartups) and the following bootcamp and acceleration phases have essentially provided the backbone to the Smartup Accelerator model and all learnings and materials will be available to the network. Ultimately, this will strengthen the capabilities of smartups and the innovation support tools will make engagement and processes with smartups easier and more effective. This will support innovative stakeholders all around the BSR and grant more consumers access to sustainable alternatives in their daily lives.

Value Proposition
The SmartUp Accelerator platform gathers passionate smartups, prominent intermediaries and influential large companies and investors in the consumer cleantech field around the BSR. It is a platform for consumer cleantech front runners that opens up for new opportunities and powerful collaborations by joining forces across sectors and borders. 

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