What are we doing?

The overall goal of the Smartup Accelerator project is to create the conditions for as many promising business ideas as possible in the area of ​​consumer cleantech in order to reduce our climate impact. These conditions are gathered in a model called SmartUp Accelerator.

How is SmartUp Accelerator model created?

  • Firstly, we will create a strong network of relevant actors in consumer cleantech of the Baltic Sea Region. By relevant actors we mean the innovation intermediaries such as incubators, accelerator programs and startup and SME support organizations. In addition, we are looking for smartups and SME companies with promising business ideas in the consumer cleantech area. This transnational network will be built by several activities such as market scanning and match-making events.
  • In the next step we will enhance the skills and capabilities of the intermediaries by development of training programs where they learn to use the latest analysis and foresight methods. In addition, they will also get knowledge of the latest business support tools and methods both on strategic and operational level including very important cultural cooperation capabilities. Intermediaries will also gather improved skills to distribute effective communication methods and tools between the ecosystem actors. 
  • We will also arrange national competitions to find the best business ideas among the startups and SME’s in the participating countries. The selected ideas will be boosted by international bootcamps, testbeds and proof of concept tools.
  • To raise awareness of consumer cleantech we will study the market and the actors and spread information through national seminars and international reports.
  • The SmartUp Accelerator model will be created by the combination of
    • awareness rising national seminars
    • national competitions
    • bootcamps
    • testbeds and proof of concept tools