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Below you will find our reports and other stuff that could be useful when dealing with smartUps in the field of Consumer Cleantech. Feel free to download and read about the things we have done. Enjoy!

Bootcamp manual for intermediaries in the field of consumer cleantech
Output of Activity 4.2

This publication is a documentation of the bootcamp for the partner intermediaries of SmartUp Accelerator held in Helsinki in February 2018. It is also an operational manual for organising and facilitating bootcamps which can be updated and later on used in other similar innovation capacity building processes.

The structure and dynamics for the BSR Consumer Cleantech innovation ecosystem
Output of Activity 3.1

This report studies seven national ecosystems, meaning the ecosystem that exists within a given country, and how they are governed and developed.

SmartUp Accelerator Model
Output of Activity 5.1 & 5.2

The aim of this report is to create a continuous (long term/self-sustaining) model for increasing consumer cleantech innovation ecosystems capacity in the Baltic Sea Region, an area expected to become a front-runner in sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship.

Yearly competitions for BSR consumer cleantech startups and SMEs
Output of Activity 3.4

This report describes how the yearly competitions for BSR consumer cleantech have been carried out and the lessons and experiences learned.

BSR consumer cleantech innovation ecosystem actors
Output of Activity 2.1

This report presents the current state of the cleantech ecosystem in the Baltic Sea Region. It presents the relevant stakeholders in seven countries around the BSR. The report also describes and differentiates the terms cleantech and consumer cleantech.

Bootcamp Synthesis material
Output of Activity 3.3

This report summarizes and synthesizes the materials and learnings derived from the three arranged bootcamps for consumer cleantech SMEs and startups in the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) as part of the SmartUp Accelerator project.

Smart(Up) Matchmaking
Output of Activity 3.2

This report describes how to improve your skills as organizer of matchmaking events.

SmartUp Accelerator Proof of Concept / Testbeds
Output of Activity 3.5

This report shall serve as a guidebook in a virtual form that can be regularly updated with new cases and information and thus feed into the ongoing SmartUp Accelerator model.

The BSR Consumer Cleantech Network
Output of Activity 5.3

A report on the development of the self-sustaining Baltic Sea Region (BSR) Consumer Cleantech model.

Smart Consumption
Market Study

Output of Activity 4.3

In this report, different ways of reducing environmental impact and resource consumption in our daily lives are considered. It is based on the principles of a circular economy.

Smart Mobility Market Study
Output of Activity 4.3

This report studies megatrends in smart mobility in seven countries of the Baltic Sea Region: Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Poland, Russia and Sweden.

Smart Homes Market Study
Output of Activity 4.3

This report is for startups and SMEs as well as business support organizations and other organizations that are interested in the consumer cleantech market and the smart home sector.

Communication and stimulation action results of the SmartUp Accelerator project
Output of Activity 2.2

This report describes the starting point for consumer cleantech in seven BSR countries and the EU, which allowed for identification of the stimulation needs of the developing BSR consumer cleantech ecosystem.

Increasing transnational cooperation capacity

Output of Activity 4.4

The SmartUp Accelerator project aimed to explore and describe how intermediaries’ capacity to foster transnational innovation processes will evolve due to the activities targeted to them and the experiences and knowledge born from the project’s transnational ecosystem activities in general. The scope of the study, its research aim and its processes will be described in this report.

Awareness raising communication activities and results
Output of Activity 2.3

This report describes the implemented actions and analyses how well they have supported the given goal to engage the BSR consumer cleantech innovation ecosystem actors to an internationally competitive transnational ecosystem.

Training programme
Output of Activity 4.1

In addition to increasing the capabilities of the intermediaries, there was the goal of increasing the capabilities of the Smartup partners. Through the training programme, the idea was to give partners a basic introduction to foresight methods and how those can be used to design new concepts and business models. So there was definitely a “train-the-trainer” approach in the training programme.