Technology itself does not suffice for climate change mitigation – behaviour change is needed as well.  In terms of resources and energy, the most important decisions people make in their lives relate to mobility, housing and eating. This is where most of our money is spent and also where the majority of the emissions come from. That is why we have chosen the focus topics of the SmartUp Accelerator related to these three areas. 

For SmartUp Accelerator, the themes we’ll be focusing on in the next three years will be the following:

SMART HOMES (2018)concepts and technologies making housing and buildings smarter and more efficient. Read more here.

SMART MOBILITY (2019): business models based on sharing of rides, cars, shipping, deliveries, bikes, and other vehicles combined with digital service platforms. Read more here

SMART CONSUMPTION (2020): business models around the themes of smart B2C products and services is brought together in Smart Consumption theme. Read more here.