International Consumer Cleantech Webinar – watch the video!

The SmartUp Accelerator Webinar about Consumer Cleantech was held on June 5th with over 100 participants from all over the world and over 300 views on the Facebook livestream! During the webinar we learned that the long-term goals of the project is to build an innovation community around the Baltic Sea region. It will connect entrepreneurs, corporations, investors and innovation support actors within the field of consumer cleantech. 

Our three great speakers all shared important aspects relevant to future activities within consumer cleantech and collaboration. Francesca Grossi with the CSCP highlighted the importance of understanding consumer values and behaviours and shared practical experiences from linked projects. Claudia Fusco with the European Commission shared views from the Commission’s side on consumption patterns, design of sustainable products and empowering both consumers and buyers. EU level initiatives such as EU Biodiversity Strategy 2030 and the Circular Economy Action Plan were also discussed as they will be relevant to organizations all over Europe and ms Fusco emphasized the importance of stakeholder engagement.

For us in the SmartUp team, the complexity of these topics and continuous development of policies and regulations that support the development show that we should be collaborating more to be ready to make the most of future opportunities. This can bring great things for our organizations and beyond. This idea was only solidified after entrepreneur Tobias Degsells presentation. Tobias stressed the importance of building trust and being curious, if you want your collaboration to be successful. The next innovation in competition with you may come from outside your original field!

“The future is not a noun, it’s a verb”, Tobias said. With these wise words, we now invite you and your organization to reach out if you are interested in taking action for sustainable lifestyles and tapping into this promising field. Learn more and find the contact information of your local partners here!