Smart mobility

SmartUp Accelerator Poland takes active part in Congress of Urban Technology

SmartUp Accelerator promoted the project’s current theme Smart Mobility during an event on the 10th of April 2019 in the Copernicus Science Center, Warsaw. It attracted more than 500 participants – representatives of SMEs, big companies, support institutions, startups – all interested in Smart Mobility. 

Tomasz Kołoszczyk, representative of the Foundation for Technology Entrepreneurhsip, spoke in one of the panels: “Urban infrastructure in the service of electro-mobile technologies. Are we ready for electro-evolution?”.  

We have had a great chance to talk about SmartUp Accelerator to a number of companies and organizations, about general issues, such as private and public transportation, or future trends of shared economy. We have also held discussions about the SmartUp Accelerator project in the context of building consumer cleantech ecosystems, on how to support understanding of green technologies and the importance og changing paradigms in public policies for environmental protection.

We were happy to link with some of the biggest organizations in Poland working on the Smart Mobility issues, such as changes in public transportation. Thanks to the event we have also reached many interested startups, and one of them decided to apply to our Smart Mobility Competition.

The number and size of the organizations that took part in the Congress showed that Smart Mobility global trends have a great impact on the future of Polish market, especially in the context of urban solutions. There is still a lot of work to be done in the field of legal regulations and activities of cities’ authorities, to provide a better access to innovative solutions that will secure a better protection for the environment and inhabitants. This also shows that building ecosystems, which support such solutions, is already a necessity.