The final days of the project are the start of something new

On September 29th, SmartUp Accelerator hosted the first meeting for the SmartUp Accelerator Network. The Network currently has 49 prospect members from the seven project partner countries and beyond. That means that the network gathers consumer cleantech stakeholders from Russia, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Germany and Poland, and that we can happily announce that we also have interested parties from additional countries such as Lithuania.

As Johanneberg Science Park’s Björn Westling stressed during our first meeting:

“The possibilities [of the network] are limitless, but in order to succeed we should choose our goals wisely and concentrate on a few well-prepared activities at a time.”

Aside from being a forum for us to get acquainted with one another, the first meeting was an opportunity for us to discuss the needs and wants for the network, and to brainstorm about what should be our next and first mission.

As of October 1st 2020 the SmartUp Accelerator Network stands on its own, and the members will continue to jointly shape the processes for how to run the network and what to prioritize in the time ahead. With some great initial ideas on these topics, we look forward to the next meeting in November, as our endeavours throughout the BSR continue!

network meeting